This is Kelly, 4lb female  1 year at the
time of this pic. She is Reagen's and
Carsons' Great- great grandmother.
                                    Cell 949 306-1484
magic jack 949 630-9063
This sweet girl is Cuddles, the father of her
and  Cowboy is Ty. She is 4 years old 4. lbs
and will be part of my breeding program.
She is as cute as a button. She has been
bred, so stay tuned for more details.
This is 'Bella'. She is 7 months old and
4 1/2 lbs. Her dad is Cowboy and she is
going to be part of our breeding program.
Lexie is 11 months and she is
such a  joy. She  has taken after
her dad Cowboy. She will be a
part of my breeding program.
Please contact me with any questions
regarding planned breedings
or upcoming litters.

Owner/Breeder:KoryFeick CA.
Cell (949) 630-9063